3 Efficient Home Plumbing Solutions

Whether you care about the earth or your concern is more about saving money (or both), efficiency is huge when it comes to plumbing. If you have a leaking faucet or pipe, the bottom line is that you pay for that wasted water if you don’t repair the leak. Our Mesquite, TX plumbers have a few recommendations for efficient home plumbing solutions that will make a real difference in your utility bill!

Tankless Water Heatersefficient home plumbing solutions

If you have a failing traditional water heater and you are looking to upgrade, consider going tankless! Also known as an instant water heater, these heaters last longer than traditional water heaters and bring an unlimited amount of hot water instantly! Since these devices only heat the water you actually use (rather than sapping energy by sitting continuously at the ready as traditional heaters do), this saves energy and money for homeowners.

Water-Saving Shower Heads

Did you know there are actually shower heads on the market that save water? These handy fixtures use water more efficiently than older shower heads. The end result? You will end up paying far less on your water bill with these shower heads, which come in several styles with many different features!

Repairing Leaks

As stated above, you end up paying for water you don’t even use in the case of leaks. Luckily, our pros can fix these for you in a flash, no matter their location, for efficient home plumbing solutions! You may have a leak you don’t even know about yet. In this case, we can detect and repair it for you! Whether you need a more efficient faucet or underground leak repair, you can be confident our Mesquite, TX plumbers can take care of the issue. Call us at (214) 534-1468 today!