3 Factors That Will Help You Find the Right Toilet

When it comes to purchasing a toilet, we usually pick one based on looks. While we want a toilet that looks good in the bathroom, there are other factors to consider in order to get the perfect commode Here are 4 tips to finding the right toilet:

white toilet bowl in the bathroom.

Consider Size

You want a toilet to fit in the bathroom, so finding the right size is key. The average toilet size is around 12 inches, which will have the biggest selection of choices in that particular size; you can also find 10 to 15-inch toilets, depending on space available. In regards to toilet heights, 17 to 19 inches seem to be the most popular choice.

Consider Design

Yes, toilets come in different sizes as well as designs. There are a number of designs to choose from, but the most common toilet designs are the one-piece and two-piece. A one-piece has a tank and bowl that are fashioned together; this is a very easy toilet to clean. A two-piece has a separate water tank that sits on top of the toilet bowl; this is a cheaper style. There are also wall-mounted toilets, but they tend to be a little pricey.

Consider Shape

As with the width and height of a toilet, the shape is also a significant element when deciding on a toilet. There are three varieties a homeowner can choose from: compact elongated, elongated, and round front. The compact elongated shape provides the same comfort as the elongated shape but has a more rounded style; also saves more space. The elongated shape fits in most homes, along with providing lots of space and comfort. The round front is a good solution if you have a smaller bathroom. The round front is also a good choice for a younger child’s bathroom.

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