5 Strange Things Found in Sewers

There are all kinds of things that get trapped in your drains and sewer lines. Some of these strange things will have you scratching your head and wondering how in the world did that even get there. Take a look at our list of 5 strange things found in Sewers. If you’re having trouble with your sewer or drain lines give us a call today at (214) 534-1468. We can’t guarantee we’ll find a new Rolex, but we guarantee we’ll fix that clog for you.

  1. luxury watch stuck in drainLuxury watches- A man in England pulled 3 luxury watches out of the drain. Including 2 Rolex. With a total estimated value of $87,000. you might say he came out ahead.
  2. Engagement ring- In California, a woman accidentally flushed her engagement ring down the drain. Distraught she called a local area plumber who was able to retrieve it for her.
  3. 600 lbs. Alligator- Right here in the great state of Texas, officials found a 600 pound Alligator stuck in the pipes. He was so large that he had lodged himself in and couldn’t move.
  4. False teeth- You would be surprised how often false teeth are found in drains. Someone leans over for just a second and they fall out.
  5. Half a MINI cooper- In the London sewer system half a MINI cooper was found. How it got there nobody has a clue.

Although your clog may not be nearly this exciting, it can still cause all sorts of problems. When you’re looking for a local area plumber that can get things running smoothly for you give us a call at (214) 534-1468.