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Signs You Have Sewer Line Issues

sewer line issues

Extensive sewer repairs can get costly. Call us at the first sign of problems.

If you have municipal sewer service, you bear responsibility for the distance of line that runs from your house to the street. Generally speaking, this means that you must take care of clogs and repairs to the sewer line that occur along this stretch. Sewer line issues can present one of the least savory aspects of home ownership.

If you live in Mesquite, TX or the surrounding area and suspect a sewer line issue, call the experts at Fixxer Company Plumbing right away. Sewer line issues can quickly get out of hand, with huge repercussions for your home and yard.

Sewer Line Issue Indicators

Slow-Draining Fixtures

If multiple drains around your house function slowly, then it’s time for a sewer line inspection. Since all the drains in your house connect to the main sewer line, a clog or obstruction there can have repercussions around the house.

Toilet Bowl Variations

Though most people pay little attention to the water level in their toilet, it can actually serve as a good indicator for sewer problems. If the water level seems to rise and fall, transitioning between nearly full to empty, you likely have a sewer line problem.

Smell of Sewage

If you smell sewage in your yard or around your home, then something has gone wrong with your sewer line. Since sewer lines typically run underground, you will only detect the smell of sewage in case of a leak.

Yard Problems

When you suspect a sewer line problem, look to your yard for evidence. Unusual green patches can suggest a leak, as do the sudden arrivals of rodents, insects, and other pests.

For all your plumbing needs, including sewer line inspections, call Fixxer Company Plumbing at (214) 534-1468. We are the experts for Mesquite, TX and surrounding areas.

Signs That You Need a New Water Heater

Most conventional tank-style water heaters last 10-15 years, and sometimes longer. However, they eventually need replacing. Here a few signs that you need a new water heater.


Signs That You Need a New Water Heater

Once Your Water Heater is 10 Years Old, Watch Out for Signs of Damage

If you find your water heater leaking, there’s a strong chance that it is time for replacement. While repair is sometimes an option, it is often a better choice to invest in a new water heater. You don’t want to wake up one morning to no hot water and a flooded house because the tank leaked!

Unusual Noises

One of the common signs that you need a new water heater is bubbling, popping, or other unusual noises. This typically indicates that the water is boiling inside the tank, which is very dangerous. Check the thermostat to ensure it is not set too high, then call a plumber for help.

Rust-Colored Water

When you turn on the hot water in the kitchen or bathroom, is it yellow or orange? This could be a sign that your water heater is rusting in the inside. Once this happens, you will need to replace your tank as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Not Enough Hot Water

Is your family constantly running out of hot water? You might need a bigger water heater! Some households discover they need to upgrade as children grow and time passes. No one wants to end up with a cold shower, so talk to your plumber about an upgrade.

If you notice any of these signs that you need a new water heater, call Fixxer Company Plumbing at (214) 534-1468 for water heater installation in Mesquite, TX!

Do You Need Professional Drain Cleaning?

Bathtub filled with waterNo one likes having to deal with a clogged drain in their home. But it’s necessary if you want to avoid the difficulties that can arise by leaving it for too long. Keeping your drains clear and running properly will help you avoid issues like pipe leaks.

A slow drain is a sure sign that you’re dealing with a clog in the drain pipe. Having the drain professionally cleaned will ensure that the pipeline is completely cleared of debris and you won’t have to worry about residue causing build up to eventually create another clog in the same place. Chemical drain cleaners you buy at the store can be effective to temporarily clear out the drainline but, more than likely, it will leave residues behind.

The sooner you have the drain cleaned, the better. Leaving it clogged can cause a change in the water pressure. When the pressure builds up in the pipeline due to water attempting to flow around the blockage it can weaken the pipe causing it to leak and potentially burst. It’s best to have cleaned as soon as you notice a change in water pressure or the water drains from your tub, sink, or shower slower than usual.

If you require residential plumbing services in Mesquite, TX or a nearby area, contact Fixxer Company Plumbing today at (214) 534-1468. Our licensed plumbers are available to assist you with everything from drain cleaning to repairs or plumbing installation. Just give us a call and we’ll come out as soon as possible to get your plumbing back to normal.

Garbage Disposal Myths That Will Do More Bad Than Good

When it comes to your garbage disposal, there are certain things you shouldn’t do. Unfortunately, there are many things that we think are good for our garbage disposal that are actually really bad. In order to have a disposal that works, we need to learn what we shouldn’t do. Here are some garbage disposal myths that we need to break.

Garbage Disposal Myths That Will Do More Bad Than Good

You Can Put Anything Down The Garbage Disposal

If you’re running water while throwing eggshells down the garbage disposal, you should be ok! Wrong! There are some things you shouldn’t put down the disposal, regardless if the water is running or not.

Use Lemons To Clean Your Garbage Disposal

This is a very popular garbage disposal myth. While it will make your disposal smell great, it’s not actually cleaning it. Turn off your disposal and use a brush or rag to clean under the flap with soap and water.

Sharpen Your Garbage Disposal’s Blades with Ice Cubes

First, garbage disposals don’t have blades, they have impellers. Secondly, ice cubes will do the opposite effect of sharpening the impellers. This is a big garbage disposal myth that does a lot of damage. Call a plumber to discuss sharper impellers.

Hot Water Will Help Anything Go Down The Disposal

Hot water can actually clog up the pipes if you are putting fats down the disposal. Use cold water to when you want to clear out the garbage disposal.

You Can Use Drain Cleaners to Clean a Disposal

Drain cleaners or even bleach is very damaging to the garbage disposal.

If you are needing drain cleaning due to clogs, call the expert plumbers at Fixxer Company Plumbing in Mesquite, TX today at (214) 534-1468!





3 Factors That Will Help You Find the Right Toilet

When it comes to purchasing a toilet, we usually pick one based on looks. While we want a toilet that looks good in the bathroom, there are other factors to consider in order to get the perfect commode Here are 4 tips to finding the right toilet:

white toilet bowl in the bathroom.

Consider Size

You want a toilet to fit in the bathroom, so finding the right size is key. The average toilet size is around 12 inches, which will have the biggest selection of choices in that particular size; you can also find 10 to 15-inch toilets, depending on space available. In regards to toilet heights, 17 to 19 inches seem to be the most popular choice.

Consider Design

Yes, toilets come in different sizes as well as designs. There are a number of designs to choose from, but the most common toilet designs are the one-piece and two-piece. A one-piece has a tank and bowl that are fashioned together; this is a very easy toilet to clean. A two-piece has a separate water tank that sits on top of the toilet bowl; this is a cheaper style. There are also wall-mounted toilets, but they tend to be a little pricey.

Consider Shape

As with the width and height of a toilet, the shape is also a significant element when deciding on a toilet. There are three varieties a homeowner can choose from: compact elongated, elongated, and round front. The compact elongated shape provides the same comfort as the elongated shape but has a more rounded style; also saves more space. The elongated shape fits in most homes, along with providing lots of space and comfort. The round front is a good solution if you have a smaller bathroom. The round front is also a good choice for a younger child’s bathroom.

If you need toilet installation in Mesquite, TX, call the experts at Fixxer Company Plumbing today at (214) 534-1468

3 Efficient Home Plumbing Solutions

Whether you care about the earth or your concern is more about saving money (or both), efficiency is huge when it comes to plumbing. If you have a leaking faucet or pipe, the bottom line is that you pay for that wasted water if you don’t repair the leak. Our Mesquite, TX plumbers have a few recommendations for efficient home plumbing solutions that will make a real difference in your utility bill!

Tankless Water Heatersefficient home plumbing solutions

If you have a failing traditional water heater and you are looking to upgrade, consider going tankless! Also known as an instant water heater, these heaters last longer than traditional water heaters and bring an unlimited amount of hot water instantly! Since these devices only heat the water you actually use (rather than sapping energy by sitting continuously at the ready as traditional heaters do), this saves energy and money for homeowners.

Water-Saving Shower Heads

Did you know there are actually shower heads on the market that save water? These handy fixtures use water more efficiently than older shower heads. The end result? You will end up paying far less on your water bill with these shower heads, which come in several styles with many different features!

Repairing Leaks

As stated above, you end up paying for water you don’t even use in the case of leaks. Luckily, our pros can fix these for you in a flash, no matter their location, for efficient home plumbing solutions! You may have a leak you don’t even know about yet. In this case, we can detect and repair it for you! Whether you need a more efficient faucet or underground leak repair, you can be confident our Mesquite, TX plumbers can take care of the issue. Call us at (214) 534-1468 today!

Bathtub Trend: Freestanding Tubs

Photo of freestandingSo you have finally had it with your old bathtub. Bathroom remodels are a trending way to update and personalize your home. Many people are starting their remodel by tossing out that old tub and placing one that they have always wanted. What bathtub style are they most interested in? You guessed it: Freestanding. This modern style is fantastic for adding just that bit of interest to an old bathroom. However, before you join the thrall over freestanding tubs:

Things To Consider For Freestanding Tubs:

These bathtubs have a fantastic look about them and really give a modern touch to a bathroom. However, they are not attached to any walls nor are they placed within any alcove. Make sure you check your space; the last thing you want is to find you have no room to move within your bathroom. Your local plumber should take a look at your plumbing and original tub to see what adjustments would be needed to accommodate the new tub.

Once installed these tubs will look fantastic, but you will no longer have a shower option and no ledge for your soaps and shampoos. The most common freestanding tub shape is a gentle porcelain bowl look. Now, you can find freestanding tubs that do have ledges, however, these will be more pricey.

Our final piece of thought is the size of the tub itself. While it is always a dream to have a bathtub that one can sink in completely, you want to try getting out of your tub choice prior to purchase. It can be harder than you think to navigate your way out of these tubs! With these thoughts in mind, always pick a bathtub that you want and like, not just what is en vogue.

If you need a plumbing inspection or a bathtub installation for your home in Mesquite, TX, call Fixxer Company Plumbing today at (214) 534-1468!

The Mysterious Dripping Noise

Photo of dripping noise pipeYou’re all alone in your home on a random night, hanging out on the couch, finishing up your favorite scary movie. Afterward you start prepping for bed, washing your hands and face with some hot water, thinking about the silly people in that movie. As you start to shuffle off to bed in the dark, you think you hear something. After stopping to see if you hear it again, you start to tell yourself, “I’m just paranoid after that movie.” That’s when you hear the noise again. Splat…splat…splat… It sounds like a faint dripping noise. You check your faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms, but there is no leak. Splat…splat… It continues, but there is no discernible source. Terrified, you reach for the phone and…

Call your local plumber. This sort of scenario (well, minus the colorful horror setting) happens to many home owners. The reason for the dripping noise is not that scary: If you have PVC piping in your home, when you use hot water, it can cause expansion and contraction of the pipes to accommodate the water itself. This expansion and contraction creates a dripping noise that sounds exactly like a slow drip.

What Can Your Plumber Do About The Dripping Noise?

While this simple expansion and contraction is not a big problem, you may want your local plumber to take a look at your pipes to verify this is in fact all that is happening. If you hear a slow dripping noise, you do not want to write it off as just the pipes because of the similarity in noise to a slow leak. Have your plumber do an inspection for peace of mind.

If you are hearing a slow dripping noise, give us a call at (214) 534-1468 to inspect your pipes and we can repair any leaks we may find.

Popular Bathroom Upgrades

The bathroom of your home is a small room than can have a big impact.Bathroom Upgrades

Not only is it a practical space for…well, you know…but it’s also an area of your home that can typically be updated relatively easily and inexpensively. Sure, if you have a taste for marble and jetted tubs, upgrades can get pretty pricey, but a modern, efficient toilet, new countertops, or even a fresh coat of paint can go a long way in making your bathroom look like new!

Some bathroom upgrades to consider…

  • Add Storage – Whether you take advantage of vertical space, add cabinetry, or swap out the vanity, increasing the storage available in this small but oh-so-important room can increase the practicality and appeal of the space.
  • Choose a Focal Point – If your bathroom design is blah, consider adding a standout piece, such as a vintage vanity, designer tile floors, a grand clawfoot tub, or a unique faucet to give the space a special, memorable touch.
  • Refresh Metal Elements – Faucets, handles, knobs, and showerheads can date a bathroom like no other, even if they’re functioning just fine. If you can spring for replacements (which are not as costly as you might think), you may get the added benefit of improved efficiency and a fresh install. But you can also simply spray paint vanity hardware and door handles to upgrade outdated metals. Brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and copper are especially popular right now.
  • Spring for Efficiency – Water-efficient faucets, toilets, and showerheads can not only freshen up the space, but will help reduce water consumption. And you don’t have to sacrifice appearance to be more eco-friendly, as there are many stylish WaterSense models and looks to choose from.
  • Tuck Away the Toilet – For many years, toilets seemed to be the center piece of bathrooms, but in an age where families may be sharing space for their morning and evening routines, having a toilet that is either in a small room-within-a-room with a door, separate from the sink area, or even just behind a half wall can create a more functional flow.

Looking to make some bathroom upgrades in Mesquite, TX and surrounding areas? Call our expert plumbers at (214) 534-1468 and we’ll ensure that your beautiful new faucet, toilet, tub or shower are installed properly.

5 Strange Things Found in Sewers

There are all kinds of things that get trapped in your drains and sewer lines. Some of these strange things will have you scratching your head and wondering how in the world did that even get there. Take a look at our list of 5 strange things found in Sewers. If you’re having trouble with your sewer or drain lines give us a call today at (214) 534-1468. We can’t guarantee we’ll find a new Rolex, but we guarantee we’ll fix that clog for you.

  1. luxury watch stuck in drainLuxury watches- A man in England pulled 3 luxury watches out of the drain. Including 2 Rolex. With a total estimated value of $87,000. you might say he came out ahead.
  2. Engagement ring- In California, a woman accidentally flushed her engagement ring down the drain. Distraught she called a local area plumber who was able to retrieve it for her.
  3. 600 lbs. Alligator- Right here in the great state of Texas, officials found a 600 pound Alligator stuck in the pipes. He was so large that he had lodged himself in and couldn’t move.
  4. False teeth- You would be surprised how often false teeth are found in drains. Someone leans over for just a second and they fall out.
  5. Half a MINI cooper- In the London sewer system half a MINI cooper was found. How it got there nobody has a clue.

Although your clog may not be nearly this exciting, it can still cause all sorts of problems. When you’re looking for a local area plumber that can get things running smoothly for you give us a call at (214) 534-1468.