Get a Ceiling Leak Fixed!

Homeowners may notice a leak in Mesquite, TX by the discolored area on the ceiling. It may not be dripping water yet, but it may soon. Before anything else, talk to a plumbing professional.

Ceiling Leak in Mesquite, TX

Make sure to cover all the bases. It’s possible there may be a roof leak, but start from the ground up. If there’s only leaky pipes to deal with, a Fixxer plumber can be in and out in less than one day.

Ceiling Leak in Mesquite, TX

Cracks in the ceiling or water stains are telltale signs of a leak.

A ceiling leak can portray an array of things. Leaky, bad pipes, cracked and broken shower pans or broken air conditioning units can all lead to a leak. After the leak begins, it may take month before water breaks down the integrity of the ceiling, discoloring the paint and leaking through new cracks.

One way to spot the disrepair before damages begin to really occur, look for the discoloration. Slow leaks will begin to turn paint and ceiling patterns yellow or brown before water begins to drip. With faster, larger leakages, there may not be time, so be sure to have a regular inspection done.

A Fixxer Plumber is qualified and highly trained to look for every small sign of a possible leakage. Even with the smallest suspicion, calling out the local Fixxer Plumber for a ceiling leak in Mesquite, TX can possibly save hundred of dollars, or thousands depending on the nature of the leak.

Other signs of ceiling leakages include rising water or energy bills or problems with water heaters. Call a local Fixxer Plumber at (214) 534-1468 to take a look at a ceiling leak in Mesquite, TX today!