Bathtub Trend: Freestanding Tubs

Photo of freestandingSo you have finally had it with your old bathtub. Bathroom remodels are a trending way to update and personalize your home. Many people are starting their remodel by tossing out that old tub and placing one that they have always wanted. What bathtub style are they most interested in? You guessed it: Freestanding. This modern style is fantastic for adding just that bit of interest to an old bathroom. However, before you join the thrall over freestanding tubs:

Things To Consider For Freestanding Tubs:

These bathtubs have a fantastic look about them and really give a modern touch to a bathroom. However, they are not attached to any walls nor are they placed within any alcove. Make sure you check your space; the last thing you want is to find you have no room to move within your bathroom. Your local plumber should take a look at your plumbing and original tub to see what adjustments would be needed to accommodate the new tub.

Once installed these tubs will look fantastic, but you will no longer have a shower option and no ledge for your soaps and shampoos. The most common freestanding tub shape is a gentle porcelain bowl look. Now, you can find freestanding tubs that do have ledges, however, these will be more pricey.

Our final piece of thought is the size of the tub itself. While it is always a dream to have a bathtub that one can sink in completely, you want to try getting out of your tub choice prior to purchase. It can be harder than you think to navigate your way out of these tubs! With these thoughts in mind, always pick a bathtub that you want and like, not just what is en vogue.

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