Garbage Disposal Myths That Will Do More Bad Than Good

When it comes to your garbage disposal, there are certain things you shouldn’t do. Unfortunately, there are many things that we think are good for our garbage disposal that are actually really bad. In order to have a disposal that works, we need to learn what we shouldn’t do. Here are some garbage disposal myths that we need to break.

Garbage Disposal Myths That Will Do More Bad Than Good

You Can Put Anything Down The Garbage Disposal

If you’re running water while throwing eggshells down the garbage disposal, you should be ok! Wrong! There are some things you shouldn’t put down the disposal, regardless if the water is running or not.

Use Lemons To Clean Your Garbage Disposal

This is a very popular garbage disposal myth. While it will make your disposal smell great, it’s not actually cleaning it. Turn off your disposal and use a brush or rag to clean under the flap with soap and water.

Sharpen Your Garbage Disposal’s Blades with Ice Cubes

First, garbage disposals don’t have blades, they have impellers. Secondly, ice cubes will do the opposite effect of sharpening the impellers. This is a big garbage disposal myth that does a lot of damage. Call a plumber to discuss sharper impellers.

Hot Water Will Help Anything Go Down The Disposal

Hot water can actually clog up the pipes if you are putting fats down the disposal. Use cold water to when you want to clear out the garbage disposal.

You Can Use Drain Cleaners to Clean a Disposal

Drain cleaners or even bleach is very damaging to the garbage disposal.

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