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Leak Detection

Get Ahead of Plumbing Problems With Leak Detection

We’re proudly serving the Richardson, Texas area with our leak detection services.

When you spot water pooling up in your home, it’s never a good sign. Finding the source of a leak can be tricky for businesses. It’s not always as obvious as a burst pipe or a leak under your kitchen sink.

Water often pools up and travels along with the structure of your home before becoming visible to your family. Our plumbing company has spent years searching Texas homes for leaks and we can put that expertise to good use in solving your mystery leak. Our team can find the location of any leak and get it repaired asap! Whether you are dealing with a stubborn faucet or you are in need of more serious slab leak repairs, you can count on our team to get the job done.

Once we locate the source of your leak, we will present our findings to you and recommend the fastest, and most affordable, course of action for getting your leaks repaired. We can even take on the biggest leaks around!

We Can Handle Slab Leak Repairs

When homeowners in the Mesquite area start to spot leaks in their foundation, it can be a tough time for everyone.

Foundation leaks, known as slab leaks in the plumbing industry, are a serious problem. If these leaks go unrepaired, you can face serious damage to your foundation. The best way to save money on these repairs is to get them fixed quickly.

If you’ve been noticing water pooling up in your foundation or are concerned you might have a foundation leak, we can help. Our slab leak repairs are handled by expert plumbers and we always strive to offer friendly and affordable services.

A Plumbing Company You Can Trust

Have you been looking for a plumbing company that you can trust?

At Fixxer Company Plumbing, we always strive to offer transparent and affordable services. When you hire us to handle your repairs and leak detection, you are going to be working with a company that our community has come to trust.

Our crew is made up of the most experienced and trustworthy plumbers in our area. Give us a call today to learn more about our leak detection and slab leak repair services.

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