Electric Water Heater Repair & Replacement

electric water heater repairHow often do you use the hot water in your house? Most don’t even realize how much they use their water heater. Think about it. Every time you wash just about anything, from your hands to your laundry your hot water heater is pulling double-time. So it makes sense that they would wear out over time. Did you know that the average water heater is only designed to last between 8-12 years? When you need electric water heater replacement or electric water heater repair in Mesquite, Texas and the surrounding area, make us your first choice. Give us a call today at (214) 534-1468. When you choose a plumber like Fixxer Company Plumbing, you can rest assured that we’ll be there exactly when we say we will and we won’t ever try to up-sale you on expensive items you don’t need and don’t want. That’s because we care and value each and every one of our customers. We know that it’s only because of the fine folks in this community that we get to do what we love every day of the year.

Repair or Replace?

It can be difficult to know when you should repair your existing water heater or whether you should go ahead and replace it. Our experienced master plumbers have compiled a little guide to help you and your family know when it’s time to opt in for a replacement and when that hot water heater of yours still has some fight left in it.

  • How old is it? The average hot water heater is only made to last between 8-12 years. This means that if your unit is over 10 years old you might want to go ahead and replace it entirely.
  • Is it still under warranty? Most electric water heaters come with a warranty of some kind. If your unit is still under warranty it may be more economical to repair it.
  • What’s the cost? A good rule of thumb when deciding whether to replace any major appliance in your home is, does the repair cost more than 50% of the replacement cost. If so it makes sense to go ahead and replace.

Whether you decide to repair or replace your hot water heater we’ve got you covered. We can do any type of electric water heater installation or electric water heater repair in Mesquite, Texas and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today at [nw_data field=phone. Tired of waiting for hot water? Check out our instant or tankless water heaters!