Plumber in Rowlett, TX

rowlett, txIs your front yard under water right now? If so, then you probably have an underground water leak. No need to worry, though. We provide slab leak repair and underground water leak repair for Rowlett, TX. Give us a call today at (214) 534-1468 to speak with one of our seasoned plumbing professionals about what we can do for you. We’ve been working right here in the Rowlett area for roughly a decade and in this time, we’ve developed a reputation for providing exceptional service and delivering quality products. Our master plumbers have pretty much seen and done it all when it comes to plumbing. This means that no matter what problems arise, they’ll know exactly what to do to fix it correctly the first time. So when you’re looking for a plumber that you know can fix it quickly, but more importantly, fix it correctly, make Fixxer Company Plumbing your first choice.

Underground Water Leak Repairs

There are a variety of factors that can contribute to an underground water leak but some are more common than others. We’ve seen it all though out the years and have compiled a list of the most common underground line problems. If you’re experiencing problems with yard leaks contact one of our experienced plumbing technicians today.

  • Bellied Pipe- A bellied pipe is a low point in the line where trash and waste can accumulate leading to backups and flooding.
  • Blocked Line- Blocked lines can be a real nightmare for home and business owners. Whether it’s your sewer or water lines we’ll get things running smoothly for you in no time at all.
  • Poor Installation- Your plumbing is only as good as the plumber who previously installed it. When not installed properly your pipes can become dislodged and start to leak or seep into the surrounding soil.
  • Roots- Roots may not seem powerful enough to push through your pipes, but they can cause real problems if give enough time.
  • Shifting Soil- The soil surrounding plumbing lines is under a constant state of movement,  This can cause them to become disjointed and lead to major leaks in your sewer and water lines down the road.

Our Plumbing Services in Forney

  • Bathtubs – Bathtubs eventually become worn out. When it’s time to replace yours make Fixxer your first call at (214) 534-1468.
  • Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting – If your toilets are starting to back up and the water is going down the drain slower than it normally has, then you need a drain cleaning. We can handle that for you. Contact us today!
  • Faucet Installation & Repair – That constant dripping of the water is a lot more than just an annoyance. It’s costing you and your family real dollars. Call us today to stop your money from going down the drain.
  • Leak Detection & Repair – We can repair your leaks for you quickly and efficiently. We also offer leak detection to precisely locate the source of the leak.
  • Sewer Lines – Your sewer lines are designed to last a finite amount of time. When is the last time you had yours checked? Contact the plumbing professionals of Fixxer Company Plumbing.
  • Toilet Installation & Repair – Are you tired of wasting money on a toilet that runs all day and night. We can fix that toilet for you in no time at all.
  • Underground Leak Repairs – Underground water leaks can wreak havoc on your yard and your wallet. We specialize in underground water leaks and slab leak repair in Forney, TX and the surrounding area.

If you don’t happen to see what you’re looking for on this list, simply give us a call today. One of our courteous staff members will be more than happy to see how we can be of assistance.

Drain Cleaning

In addition to providing some of the best slab leak and yard leak repair in Rockwall, Texas, we are proud to offer local area resident’s drain cleaning services. It doesn’t matter what’s clogging your pipes up, our seasoned plumbers can get things flowing smoothly again in no time at all. We’ll make sure that the interior of your lines are completely free of all obstructions and debris. The next time you’re looking for drain cleaning or underground leak repair in Rowlett, Texas, make Fixxer Company Plumbing your first choice. Give us a call today at (214) 534-1468 to see what we can do for your home or business.