Sewer Repair Options

Sewer Repair

Excavation is a Common Way to Replace Broken or Damaged Sewer Lines.

When your sewer lines start backing up into your home, you probably need some sort of sewer repair. Depending on the problem, it could be something as simple as easy as having a plumber complete professional drain cleaning to clear out the pipes. If one or more the pipes are broken, the repairs are going to be a bit more complicated. Fortunately, you have a couple of options to choose from to ensure you get the sewer repairs you need.

Dependable Sewer Repair Services

There are really only two choices when it comes to sewer repair. One of them has been around for decades and the other is a more recent innovation. Here’s a breakdown of both options to help you choose the sewer repairs that are best for you home or business.

Traditionally, sewer line repairs and replacements have been completed by digging up the old sewer line and replacing with a new one. Once the new pipe is in place the ground around it is refilled with dirt. Depending on the type of repairs you need, the condition of the sewer lines and the location of your home, this could be the only viable option for getting your sewer fixed.

Trenchless Repair
No one wants to have dig up their landscaping, which is why trenchless sewer line repair was developed. This method of sewer repair involves drilling an access hole where the pipe damage starts and threading a new pipe through the old one. Trenchless sewer repair causes significantly less damage to your property.

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