Signs That You Need a New Water Heater

Most conventional tank-style water heaters last 10-15 years, and sometimes longer. However, they eventually need replacing. Here a few signs that you need a new water heater.


Signs That You Need a New Water Heater

Once Your Water Heater is 10 Years Old, Watch Out for Signs of Damage

If you find your water heater leaking, there’s a strong chance that it is time for replacement. While repair is sometimes an option, it is often a better choice to invest in a new water heater. You don’t want to wake up one morning to no hot water and a flooded house because the tank leaked!

Unusual Noises

One of the common signs that you need a new water heater is bubbling, popping, or other unusual noises. This typically indicates that the water is boiling inside the tank, which is very dangerous. Check the thermostat to ensure it is not set too high, then call a plumber for help.

Rust-Colored Water

When you turn on the hot water in the kitchen or bathroom, is it yellow or orange? This could be a sign that your water heater is rusting in the inside. Once this happens, you will need to replace your tank as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Not Enough Hot Water

Is your family constantly running out of hot water? You might need a bigger water heater! Some households discover they need to upgrade as children grow and time passes. No one wants to end up with a cold shower, so talk to your plumber about an upgrade.

If you notice any of these signs that you need a new water heater, call Fixxer Company Plumbing at (214) 534-1468 for water heater installation in Mesquite, TX!