The Mysterious Dripping Noise

Photo of dripping noise pipeYou’re all alone in your home on a random night, hanging out on the couch, finishing up your favorite scary movie. Afterward you start prepping for bed, washing your hands and face with some hot water, thinking about the silly people in that movie. As you start to shuffle off to bed in the dark, you think you hear something. After stopping to see if you hear it again, you start to tell yourself, “I’m just paranoid after that movie.” That’s when you hear the noise again. Splat…splat…splat… It sounds like a faint dripping noise. You check your faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms, but there is no leak. Splat…splat… It continues, but there is no discernible source. Terrified, you reach for the phone and…

Call your local plumber. This sort of scenario (well, minus the colorful horror setting) happens to many home owners. The reason for the dripping noise is not that scary: If you have PVC piping in your home, when you use hot water, it can cause expansion and contraction of the pipes to accommodate the water itself. This expansion and contraction creates a dripping noise that sounds exactly like a slow drip.

What Can Your Plumber Do About The Dripping Noise?

While this simple expansion and contraction is not a big problem, you may want your local plumber to take a look at your pipes to verify this is in fact all that is happening. If you hear a slow dripping noise, you do not want to write it off as just the pipes because of the similarity in noise to a slow leak. Have your plumber do an inspection for peace of mind.

If you are hearing a slow dripping noise, give us a call at (214) 534-1468 to inspect your pipes and we can repair any leaks we may find.