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Hot Water


Do you have a leak on your water heater? Do you have hot water? Fixxer Company plumbing is ready to solve your water heater woes. Sometimes a water heater can have defective parts or they can wear out over time. Sometimes the water heater will just slowly start to make less hot water than it used to or it can fluctuate from hot to ice cold, which can be shocking when you are in the shower and get a sudden burst of cold water.

Stay Comfortable


The tank type water heater is our preferred type of water heater. We prefer Bradford White water heaters when we have a choice. Tank type water heaters are the most economical way to install a water heater for several reasons. Usually the water heater was originally already a tank type water heater and therefore it is already set up for it and requires minimal modifications to replace it.

Endless Hot Water


Tankless water heaters are all the rage these days, but they are not always the best solution for everyone. When a manufacturer stops producing a model sometimes it becomes difficult or impossible to get tech support or parts. If you are going to choose a tankless water heater it is best to go with a trusted reputable name brand and not a cheaper alternative. We do not service all brands of tankless water heaters due to issues involving difficulty with aquiring replacement parts and difficulty getting tech support on the phone. For this reason we will usually not steer a customer towards the direction of installing some brands and types of  tankless water heaters.

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