What is Causing Discolored Water in My Home?

Oftentimes when we are faced with plumbing issues at home, we wonder if we may be able to find a DIY solution! Sometimes, we can! There are a variety of different issues that can present themselves in your household plumbing, and not all of them constitute as plumbing emergencies. Some items, such as major leaks, do count as plumbing emergencies, and those items should be left to the professionals.Today, we are going to discuss issues with water discoloration in home plumbing systems. We will go over various symptoms, causes, and courses of action. Some are do-it-yourself friendly, but number 3 is definitely one you should leave to the professionals!

faucet water

Is your faucet water clean and clear?

#1.) If you are experiencing rust colored water coming from the hot water spout, your problem may be relatively easy to fix. Typically, when you have brown, or orange colored hot water, and no strange odor, what you are seeing is actually rust from your hot water heater. The best way to address this is to replace the hot water heater in question, as rusting is a sign of wear and tear that would be more expensive to repair than replace.

#2.) If you are noticing white rings around your faucets and fixtures, as well as a cloudy white buildup in your tubs, sinks and showers, you likely have a problem with hard water. Hard water is mineral laden water that, while safe to drink, can lead to damage in your pipes if not treated. To solve this dilemma, simply add a soft water treatment to your home. White vinegar is a great cleanser for removing hard water stains that have already built up.

#3.) Last, and definitely the worst, if  you are noticing discolored water from all faucets, hot or cold, and a foul or strange smell, call a plumber right away! This kind of problem is indicative of a back-flow issue. A back-flow issue occurs when sewage contaminates your water source. A skilled plumber like Fixxer can fix this issue for you quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to your clean water as soon as possible.

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