Sometimes it is just better to go under the house if there is a broken pipe. Especially if the sewer line is broken and causing your house to sink and settle and making the house smell like raw sewage. You of course do not want to tear up all your floors So tunneling under would be a great option. Please understand that when you work on a house this way it is basically like performing surgery on your house. You want to do what you need to do with as little damage as possible. In some instances you still have to break a little concrete to get to all the imbedded pipe, but the goal is to not tear up the part of the house that you live in. Fixxer Company Plumbing has a crew that we have been working with for several years and have had a lot of success with our projects.. Most of the time, when we are finished you can barely tell we were ever there!

We can perform repairs on water lines as well! This is particularly helpful when a reroute on a water pipe would be more destructive than you want.

So if jackhammering up a hole in your expensive imported Italian tile sounds like a nightmare that you just don’t want to deal with, then just give Fixxer Company Plumbing a call. Our plumbing rates are very reasonable and you will save yourself some headache. Our phone number is (214) 534-1468​ We would be glad to hear from you!

Tunneling Saves You From Unnecessary Destruction

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