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Fixxer Company plumbing is a small family owned and operated company. When you hire Fixxer Company plumbing repair specialists you are supporting small business. We are A+ rated with the BBB – Better Business Bureau. When our plumbers come to your home you can be assured that we are coming with the very best. We rely on word of mouth advertising to get our phone to ring. Our plumbers do not have sales quotas that they have to reach on a daily basis like some of the bigger DFW plumbing repair companies. We don’t have a huge advertising expense that gets passed on to the customer in the form of over inflated prices.

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Fixxer company plumbing

Who We Are

Well simply put, we are plumbers who care deeply about our customers. Without our amazing customers we could not do this on a daily basis. We put our best foot forward to make sure that our customers receive a good experience from their plumber, even though we are going to be there for some of your most stressful times. Nobody wants to have a plumbing emergency but when you do, choose Fixxer Company to help you out. If you have a clogged drain or a leaky water heater or a leak in the yard we are here for you!


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Fixxer Company Plumbing is a Superpro - by Housecall Pro
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Making It Through The Pandemic


Nobody knew what this year was going to have in store for us. Everybody has experienced unpleasant surprises and many have suffered tragic losses.  My family included. We understand that you may not have the money to afford an expensive repair. That is one reason we have started offering financing through Wisetack.com. They offer financing from $50 to $15,000 so that with approved credit you can get what you need.

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You Are One Step Closer To A Solution


The proper functioning of your plumbing system and fixtures is important. Fixxer Company Plumbing – Drain Cleaning | Slab Leak Repairs | Leak Detection & Hydro Jetting Sewer Lines offers a wide variety of services to cover all your plumbing needs. Whether it’s a large or small project, We’ve got you covered. Get to know more about what we can offer by reading about the different services we offer below.

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Drain Cleaning

Cabling a drain line is a good way to scrape the inside of your drain pipe and get debris loose so that it can be flushed away. We can also use a flex shaft cable to scrape out the inside of your drain pipe.

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Fixxer Company Plumbing – Drain Cleaning | Slab Leak Repairs | Leak Detection & Sewer Line Hydrojetting and Camera, Clean your sewer pipe with high pressure water to keep it flowing as long as possible.

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The worst thing that can happen to your pipes is to get a root invasion. When roots find a source of water coming from a cracked pipe the roots will grow towards the water.

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Water Leak Detection Services

Is something in your place not working right, such as having water where it doesn’t belong? Leak Detection issues can be tricky and expensive to solve.

water heater installation


A nice hot shower, that is what you want after a long day at work, to help you to relax and unwind. What happens when you get in the shower and there is no hot water?

tunneling foundation pipe repair


If your drains are old rotten cast iron sometimes the best thing to do is to dig under the concrete foundation. Digging under the foundation allows repairs to be made while minimizing disruption to your home or business.

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We are fully insured and we have a Limited warranty.

At Fixxer Company Plumbing, we stand behind the quality of our work and the expertise of our highly skilled team. We are proud to offer an industry-leading warranty that reflects our commitment to providing exceptional plumbing services and delivering the best possible results for our valued customers.

With our 1 Year Limited Warranty on plumbing repairs and a 90 Day Limited Warranty on professional drain cleaning, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that we are dedicated to your satisfaction long after the service is complete. We believe in the effectiveness and longevity of our repairs, and we back it up with our warranty.

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“Super Great! Would Use Again!!!”

Jason showed up on time, notified prior to coming out also! Work was done professionally and after work was completed no mess. Competitive pricing, courteous and all around great work. Would use again!!!

Patrick O’Rourke

Google Review

“What A Great Experience!”

“Jason with Fixxer Co. Plumbing Was any wonderful experience! They were honest, professional with forward thinking. !!! Thank you Jason!!! What a great experience!!!

Kimber Yank

Google Review

“Great Job! Very Knowledgable.”

“Plumber was very knowledgeable about my house. His experience came in very handy. He was quick and efficient. The service operator, Sharon, was very pleasent and helpful with my scheduling needs. Thank you Fixxer.”


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