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If you have a leak under your foundation, it can cause shifting and cracking of your foundation and walls. Sometimes the shifting can cause doors to have trouble opening and closing.

Fresh water slab leaks can be tricky to find and even harder to get to. We use a professional subcontracted leak locator in some instances to locate fresh water leaks that are particularly difficult to find under a concrete. slab foundation. 

Sewer pipe leaks can be caused by the shifting ground causing the pvc pipe to crack. Cast iron pipes can also rust  and leak. Chemical drain cleaners have a tendency to eat metal parts of your drain system. This can cause the cast iron pipe to rot away and when the pipe has a hole for water to get out it will exit the pipe and then re-enter the pipe and take a little dirt back with it. This causes large voids of dirt being removed via pipe from under the foundation and washing away. This in turn causes foundation problems.

We can dig a tunnel under your foundation in a safe way so as to have access to the leaking pipe. We subcontract a digging crew that specializes in tunneling and hand digging. That’s ALL they do, DIG and they are really,  really good at DIGGING.

It costs more to tunnel than to jackhammer the floor up, but it’s worth it. You have much less inconvenience than you would if you had to have workers jack hammering in your house and making the air full of dust. Plus the cost of reinstatement is much easier to deal with in most cases. You don’t have nearly as much floor to repair or cabinets to replace.

Sometimes the best way to get to a problem pipe is to go under. If your house is inhabited and you don’t have anywhere else to go sometimes it is better to tunnel under the slab foundationin order to replace the old rusted cast iron pipes or the broken pvc drain pipes under your foundation. If you are on a mobile device please go to our Youtube Channel and watch our videos that show you what a tunnel under a slab foundation looks like.

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Broken Pipe Under Foundation


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