Did you know that the average US household wastes approximately 10,000 gallons of water annually due to leakages? This is a staggering figure that needs to be managed. Defective piping systems, such as faulty showers, contribute to these leakages. So, have you ever taken a shower that wouldn’t shut off? Like most folks, you may depend on your faucet daily and don’t think much about it until something goes wrong. If you’re attempting to save water, this can become really stressful. In this article, we shall focus on the common possible causes of a leaking shower to help you decide on the best corrective measures.

4 Major Reasons Why Your Shower is Not Shutting Off

 Broken Parts

One of the common causes is that there are damaged parts inside your faucet. Over time, the rubber seals and faucets wear out and become brittle and cracked, allowing water to leak. This can build up to a point where your shower head keeps running even after shutting off.

The problem might also be because of worn-out washers. Washers are usually found under the shower faucet and serve as a watertight seal. After being used for a long time, they get worn out and no longer create a seal.

Mineral Build-up

Another common problem is the build-up of mineral deposits like calcium or debris in the pipes. With time this can cause the valves to clasp, making it hard to turn off the water completely. If you experience such problems, kindly contact a competent plumber as soon as possible.

Loose Connections

Loose connections in the shower heads are a primary reason that causes your shower to leak. Shower faucets usually have a screw in the handle that holds them in place. For the faucet to function appropriately, this screw needs to be tight. 

With time, the screw might loosen up, leading to loosened connections that cause water to leak out even when you have turned the handle down.

Clogged Aerators

An aerator usually mixes water and air, which prevents splashbacks and conserves water. With time, sediment can build up in your aerator, making it clogged. This can lead to the water staying on even after shutting off the shower.

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